1. General

1. The Internet store at allows for purchasing goods over the internet.

2. The store is run by:
Moziu Daniel Mochnal
Poniatowskiego 15
59-921 Porajów
EU VAT NUMBER: PL 615-194-34-12 
hereinafter referred to as MOZIU

3. Correspondence address:

MOZIU Daniel Mochnal
Poniatowskiego 15
59-921 Porajów

4. Making a purchase at is tantamount to the acceptance of these regulations.

II. Procedure for submitting and executing orders

5. Orders may be submitted using the function of adding a product to the cart, followed by clicking “Order”.

6. The fundamental requirement for executing the purchase is the proper filling out of contact details, including a correct, existing email address and/or phone number which can be used to confirm the submitted order.

7. Orders may be submitted all day, all year.

8. Should circumstances occur which make it impossible to execute the submitted order in part or in whole, MOZIU reserves the right to withhold the execution of the order and shall immediately inform the Orderer of this fact.

9. Orders with incorrectly filled out contact details (e.g. non-existent email address) will not be considered.

10. MOZIU reserves the right to withhold doubtful orders.

11. Prices of products in the internet store are provided in EURO and include VAT tax (gross prices).

12. The customer who purchases products at our store is entitled to renounce the purchase of a product within 100 days of its delivery, without any motivation.

13. MOZIU issues a VAT invoice for the purchased product. In order to obtain a VAT invoice, correct company data have to be filled out together with the VAT EU number.

14. The company runs a mail-order business only. It is not possible to collect the purchased product in person.

III. Final provisions

15. To all matters not settled in these regulations, binding legal provisions, including the provisions of the Civil Code, shall apply.

16. Filling out the form with the Orderer’s data is tantamount to the consent for storing and processing provided personal data for the purposes of execution and settlement of the trans action. The Orderer’s personal data will be processed only for the purpose of executing the submitted order, including for issuing an invoice or receipt as well as for running financial reporting. These data are confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties. The Customer is entitled to inspect and correct their own personal data, as well as to remove them from the database. To do this, the Customer has to send a suitable message to [email protected]

17. The pay card and bank account numbers are not disclosed. Authorization of electronic forms of payment takes place on Internet sites of specific banks or of MOZIU.

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