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New 1 pc 22 cm x 30 cm
1 pc Linen bag with printing 22 x 30 cm - for mushrooms

Linen bag with printing 22 x 30 cm - for mushrooms

Linen pouch for mushrooms featuring a decorative print (German version). Here you can order 1 piece of linen bag in a natural colour, sized 22 x 30 cm.

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1 pc


We offer you an extremely practical linen pouch featuring an original design. This 22 x 30 cm pouch is decorated with a stylish print (here you order the version with text in German). The beautiful and natural look of this packaging solution is further enhanced by the cotton drawstring in the hem (which also allows the small bag to be closed quickly and conveniently). The pack contains one pouch.

These linen mushroom pouches are made from a durable fabric with exceptional properties. The linen fabric ensures optimum air circulation. It protects the contents from moisture, mould, and excessive dryness. That's why linen pouches are perfect for packaging all sorts of food products, and they will do an exceptionally good job as pouches for dried mushrooms!

How can you use your linen mushroom bag?

  • Take it shopping at the greengrocer’s or street market,
  • Take it when going mushrooming. Every mushroom picker will appreciate this compact mushroom bag when the mushroom mania begins in autumn,
  • Use these linen mushroom pouches to store fresh and dried mushrooms in your kitchen.
  • They will also end your dilemmas if you’re still wondering how to store dried mushrooms! This linen pouch for dried mushrooms will take proper care of your supplies of bay boletes and boletuses,
  • Linen mushroom pouches will also be appreciated by store owners - offer them to your customers as reusable eco-packaging.

Technical parameters

Decorative printing
Pcs per pack
Width *
22 cm
Height *
30 cm
Height to drawstring *
23.5 cm
* Size tolerances
+/- 5%
Personalize your bag
Personalize your bag
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